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A life changing podcast to help you live a life by design! Topics include ; business, relationships, motivation, wealth, sales, true happiness, fulfillment, finding purpose and so much more! Keep up to date and more info by texting : "766-26" and text the word : "podcast"
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Sep 3, 2020

Believing is such a powerful thing because everyone is entitled to have their own set of beliefs. Stephen says, “There’s no way to tell a person’s belief unless they show it physically.” Meaning, believing in your self and your future can show what you’re core values are because, what you believe is how you behave and how you behave is who you become. So ask yourself, what is a belief that you have been believing that you’re pretty sure is a belief that’s holding you back from moving forward towards a life by design?

Aug 11, 2020

Stephen Dela Cruz is known to be a visionary and he’s here to help you with your vision.  Stephen explains how a person without vision dies, meaning you can be alive but not truly living a life with purpose. He adds on If you make money your primary vision, you have no vision. Take a moment to ask yourself this, what is my vision? The answer to this question is it has to be way bigger than you. For instance, the word Television originated from Walt Disney Tell-A-Vision to be able to raise funds to help build Disneyland. A true visionary who made his outrageous dreams become a reality and surrounded himself with visionaries like himself. One common question Stephen asks himself when coaching is, who is that person in front of me? Who are they meant to be? Now ask yourself, what is my life purpose and how can I serve other people? Stephen says, if your vision’s not big enough, it’s not a vision. With all that was said, it’s time to take action. Write down your purpose and vision to create a road map to success.

Jul 14, 2020

This is an episode where Stephen shares his new podcast! Listen in as you hear what makes this podcast different than his past podcast show! For new podcast releases and more information, text 76626 and text the word podcast!